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Android on PCs

This post is the starting of the series of exclusive things related to the Android OS. Today I am writing about the total experience related of android applications on your windows PC or on MAC. In the market several attractive android application are available, but the only thing is that you must be having an android device to have the experience of these applications. Now there is a solution for this problem you can have these application on your PC by just downloading a application that will give you the entire experience of the Android OS. This application is BLUESTACKS. You can download it from the official website of the Bluestack company.
This is only a 100 Mb software after downloading its setup it will take few minutes to install. After that you can use your own android tab on your PC. 

In this application you can install any application from any store like Google Play, Amazon etc. Any kind of application you can run on your Virtual Tab in the same way as in your real one.
This Android player have facilities that you can do any of the thing on that you can on your android device. You can access web, play games like angry birds, write, read etc. 
This android player Bluestacks App Player is running on the concept of LayerCake technology, which exploits  hardware accelerators to improve the performance of Android Games in Windows. Android applications typically use hardware accelerators found in ARM's Mali, Nvidia's Tegra or Imagination Technologies' PowerVR graphics cores, but Layercake is able to take advantage of hardware accelerators from companies like AMD found in x86 chips. 
Lets have a small look at this video for a quick review of this software.

That's all in this post. Stay here for more exclusive posts on android only at TechwarsY2K


Oh ! its really nice to use android on system....
Its great finding....
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