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Upcoming mobile phones in 2012


Samsung shows the reality of their hi-tech 
devices. Company shows the bendable
 AMOLED screens 4.5 inches and it is just
 3mm thick in January this year. This phone
 can bend in only one inch diameter. Its
 AMOLED display is also low-energy and
 almost unbreakable.
This phone can be able to bear even the
 hard hit of any iron rod. The structure of the
 phone is made of the material that is even 
100 times stronger than iron steel.
Hardware Resources-
Camera – 8 MP
RAM – 1 Gb
Processor- 1.2 GHz
This Mobile phone is really amazing Because You can use it as a wrist watch, you 
can fold it too


Nokia will be going to release to its another
exciting cell phone Lumia 900 in February 
2012. Lumia 900 Handset have a big screen 
that give it a better look than its predecessors.
 It is a windows based phone. This phone has 
the exciting features such as grouping contacts 
and communication threads and internet explorer 
9. It is coming with the 4.3 inches black screen 
AMOLED  display. Its proper information will be 
available soon.


Kyocera Echo dual screen smart phone is
 an Android based phone. Its unique and 
innovative design is in talk now a days. 
This phone will be in the market may be in 
the February 2012. This phone have a pair 
of 3.5 inches WVGA touch screen and closes
 like a clamshell with a super copper alloy 
pivot hinge. Users can be able to run different 
application on the both screens like one the 
one screen you will be able to run internet and 
simultaneously on the other screen you can 
run movie clips images etc. this phone gives 
the ability to run a single application on both the screen as a one screen of 4.7 inches.

This phone runs over Android 2.2 OS and have a 5 megapixel camera with a flash light, it 
supports the emails. This phone have the 1GB on board memory space but you can expand
 it up to 8 GB with the micro SD card.
This phone may be available in $199.9 with a two year service agreement.  


HTC sensation XE is coming with a great
features and it will be popular soon after its 

This phone have the following features. 
Remember that time you pressed the shutter
 button and had to wait while your camera 
phone finished taking the picture? With the 
instant capture camera, the moment you 
press the button is the same moment the 
photo is captured. Never let a great shot 
slip away. This will give you the multi-window 
browsing, a quick lookup tool to jump from 
youtube to facebook.It support latest flash 
for the finest video playing.
We've transformed the lockscreen into a window to the good stuff on your phone - you can 
check up on your portfolio, view your friend's status, and more.