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Upgrade your current hardware to iOS 5

Here you find easy steps to Upgrade your Device to iOS 5.

First of all you have to check for the version of your iTune. You must have iTune software to upgrade your iOS. Connect your device to your PC and go to and check. If you will find its OK then you can start your update process. If your iOS is not updated then it will give you the available version to update your software. 
Then it will give you the automatic option to download and update your iOS

I recommend you to click on Download and Update option
Then your device will back up your all data on your device and it will start updating and it will give you the message your iPhone is Updated
and then it will give you two option that you want a new iPhone or you want your iPhone restore back. Then choose restore then it will restore your iPhone.
Then it will ask you to connect your device to iCloud. i Recommend you to connect to iCloud because you will be able to share your your data to your all device at any time.
then your device will be ready to use land to experince the iOS 5.
Good Luck and enjoy!!!


it is realy helpfull.. thankx