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Tor Browser - Access Internet as an Anonymous

Tor browser is a browser by which you can be able to hide your identity on the internet and act as an anonymous. Tor will hide your identity and give you any anonymous IP address of any part of the world and in any ISP. TOR is the short form of 'The Onion Router'. Tor was developed by the U.S Navel research Laboratory's Onion Routing Program with support from DRPA. Tor browser works on the philosophy of the  Onion Routing. Tor client software routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers in order to conceal a user's location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. By using Tor it is difficult to trace the internet activity. Including the websites you are visiting and online posts communication and any other thing you are doing on the internet that will not be traced. It will make your identity anonymous to the server that you are accessing. It will change you IP address to the any other part of the world. For example, let suppose that your real IP address is and you are at Switzerland and if you are using the Tor browser it will show you in any other country like U.K. and your IP address may be and it will change you ISP too. Tor will secure your internet freedom and it has the ability to make all your activity confidential.  
How to get and use TOR Browser???
To use the tor browser, you have to just do follow some easy steps and after that you will be able to hide your identity from the internet world and can be anonymous...
1. Firstly Download the Tor Bundle from the following link.
It is an official site for the tor project organization.
2. After downloading the Tor Bundle the double click on the downloaded tor browser bundle, then it will ask you to give the location to extract the bundle, like in the image shown. Just give the location to it and click on extract button. you can extract it into your USB drive like Pendrive and use it any where on any computer.
 3. After extracting this just go to the above located location in your PC or USB drive and the Tor Browser folder then you will find some files and forlders in that folder like in the below image shown
then click on the onion like icon 'Start Tor Browser' and then you will get another window. when it will be connecting to you to the tor server.

And when you will be connecting it will show you the screen with a green onion now it is ready to use. Green onion is the symbol of that you are connected with the Tow Network securely.
Soon you will see a browser named 'Aurora' this is the Tor browser wher you can browse the internet with anonymous identity. 

Now enjoy the browsing of internet without showing your identity.  

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