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Gadgets in 2012 - (1)

1. iPhone 5
 In our most awaiting gadgets apple iphone 5 is on top.Apple launching its 5th generation of smartphone  Although apple does not given any clear specifiction about its new iPhone 5, but this gadget is desperately awaited by the people. Apple will be going to provide great features through its iphone 5. it have some exciting features like, it is coming with the face recoginition security system. Now in your phone you will be able to make a security code that is your face. This phone have a slimmer body that provide it a cool look. Apple keeps its all features of previous versions but with improve quality. some features are
               Siri, In this user can be able to send message through its voice, can set reminder, do search and can do many more things with this feature of iPhone. But this feature still is under development by Apple.
               Camera, in its previous version Apple provide 5MP camera but this time you can enjoy it with increased quality of  8MP with a custom lens with a larger f/2.4 capture. this enable to do HD video recording with 1080p.
               iOS, Apple anounced iOS 5.0 and its features on june 6, 2011. Its main features is direct menipulation using the multitouch gesture.It is coming with the more then 200 features. As in the Blackberry iPhone including its iMessage application to communicate with the other iPhone and iPad users. Its main feature is iCloud.
              iCloud, This phone is expected to have the iCloud service. In this user will allow to store its photos, apps, calaender and more, without storing them into phone's memory. It is basically for the access the music from the remote devices like comuter, iPad etc.
              Dual-Core A5 chips, this is a very high speed processor in the coming phones. It will give 2x faster processing and 7x faster grapgics according to Apple.

This phone have other lots of great features like, yopu cal play games in your TV, take printout wireless. Some built in apps retina Display, Physical keyboard, Flash Support, Face Recoginition Security, Scrach proof screen, Increased RAM and many more.  .

2. iPAD 
 In 2011 Apple releases the iPad 2, but ahead of it now the time to talking about the Apple iPad 3. It is another burning topic in the gadget market now. Apple iPad3 will be the hot attention creator in 2012. In some rumors we get to know that it is scheduled to come in February 2012.
Apple iPad 3 coming will feature a new, thinner and sleeker design, down nearly 20% to iPad2. It will also support full touchscreen HD screen with the 2048 x 1058 screen resolution.
Similar to the iPhone 5, iPad 3 is also coming with the large amount of features and increased capacity of the previous versions features. Lets take a short look on its features-
              A6 Processor, In Apple iPad2 there is a very strong 900Mhz dual-core ARM processor, but now it will coming with a gaint processing power with the A6 Quad core processors in iPad3.
             iOS 5,  Similar to Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPad3 will also releasing with the Apple's latest iOS 5 operating system.
             Camera, In the the previous version of iPad this was not very impressive with the camera, but now it will coming with 5MP camera with the LED flash light.
             Finger Print Proof, for Apple iPad 3 Finger Print proof Apple work really hard. The touch screen is coated with the oleo0phobic materials, wich will reduce the fingerprint on the screen and oil.
             4G compatibility, iPad 2 is already 3G compatible and this iPad 3 is coming with the 4G support. It is another effort of Apple to be the best in the race of smart gadgets.

On the releasing date there is not any conformation, but it may be expected that it may be release in US in early July of 2012.                  

3. Android based Tablet AKASH

(Worlds Cheapest Tablet)
Akash is an android based tablet computer jointly developed by the Indian institute of technology, Rajasthan and London based company DataWind and manufactured by the India-based Quad, at Hyderabad. This Tablet was officialy launched in New Delhi on Oct 5, 2011. But its upgraded version will be coming in late 2012. the screen size of this tablet is 7 inches with 256 RAM with ARM processor. It uses the Android 2.2 Operating system. Its video quality is very good, it provide the HD quality. There are two USB ports provided in it.
This tablet has been developed for targeting the school and college students of India. The $50 is fixed for this tablet in India and Indian government subisidized its price to $35. Idian government introducing this tablet as their project OLPC(One Laptop Per Child). It have main features are-
  Memory,  it provide 2 USB slots with it, you can use microSD card to save your things and it is expandable upto 32GB.
                Processor, this tablet have ARM 11-366Mhz processor.
                Network, it facilitate you to connect with WiFi and GPRS too.
                Battery, it have 2100 mAh battery.
4. E-Ball Rolling Projector PC
Till you have seen the computer all are rectangle but this PC will change this views. Truely saying  I have never seen such type of thing, this is really amazing. This is round in size and compact. It is small than any other laptop and desktop, It is a 6 inch spherical in shape and designed by  Apostol Tnokovski. This PC have all the things as all other PC have like keyboard, mouse, monitor and all the things that Pc can have. It is started by pressing the button provided at its sides. Optical mouse is with this computer and it can detached to use from it. This E-Ball PC have not any physical keyboard it is interpreted as a projector is used. You ca use this PC to play music video and to make presentation. Its special features are-

Display Keyboard,  It does not have physical keyboard and its keyboard is like a projection of green light and a virtual keyboard is used in it.

Display, this PC does not have any fixed display with it. It uses a paper holder to display the graphics. It have a paper holder at its back side tha t hold a papaer and the projector will create a image on it and it behave like a monitor of this PC. 

This PC will be available to you in the mid of the 2012 so be prepare to experience this amazing feature of the technology.

5. Solid Grey Bag to Protect your sensitive things(Hard as rock)
If you are person that carry his/her gadget with yourself in your bag and worried about their safety. Now its time to get rid of it. You have no need to worry about it because a great and hard bag is coming for you that will protect you all gadgets and all your sensitive things that worry you during about their safety during travel.
This bag is called Solid Grey. This will be in the market soon in a bulk in 2012 and i might be interesting to you if you can't go out without certain gadgets. It will keep you cell phone, tablet, Laptops safe.