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New in Java7

Oracle Realese Java7 with some new exciting features... like

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JAVA 7 jdk kit.

> Modifying Classes at Runtime Through Interface Injection
> A New Dynamic Linkage Mechanism: Method Handles
> Bytecode Instructions for Method Invocation

Facebook is on the Gun point of Hackers

In a recent news Hackers hacked the Mark zuckerbergs Facebook account and public his 13 private photos. In those photos in some he is with american president Barak Obama, distributing candies among children, cooking food on his house and some are of his pics with his girlfriend at his house.
Facebook accepted that there was some loop hole in the security of pics after the private settings photos can be shown to others and they are trying to patch it and aproximate 800 million users were affected with this problem.

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- "This bug is due to the code that is recently pushed on the facebook and it will be patched in a very short time." said Facebook spokesman

- In one of his pic he may be on the point of PETA on doing the chicken up and down and laughing.

Google+ a lion or a sheep???

Google+ is a another special project of google. Google is introducing its social networking project this year, with the success of this google will be the world’s biggest brand and may no one will be going to beat it in near future. But time will decide that this Google project will be proved a lion or a sheep. Here I am giving you some X-factors of Google and the decision will be yours.  If the Google+ will make a difference to the social networking then it will be a milestone because in present time there are very big names on the WEB like facebook, orkut, twitter etc. and if Google+ beat them it will take the Google on the height of the remarkable point. Now lets talk about the Google+ and lets leave on you.

Google introduce its project’s first part and it’s a hot cake in the WEB world. It has some features till now that are not ordinary. Its going to give a new definition to the social networking. Now lat see what’s it.


Everyone is thinking that will google be a lion in the social networking field. Ok we will talk it directly will Google+ beat the biggest name that is Facebook. Yet Google+ is in it’s trial phase but it’s making a ? in your mind what will happen.
Lets see-
                      CIRCLES: it’s a one of the most exciting feature of Google+. In this one can share his/her views with the people they want and its not a big deal with the Google+’s circle feature. With this its not a headache that who will get the conversation or who will not.

In this people can add people in a circle and then they will enjoy the things with only with the people they want and the most amazing things that each individual can manage their own circle like a address book in which you write the names and contacts of friends on one page and collect the neighbors on the other page. In these circles you can share your things like photos vedios views only with the people of your selected circles, but you also have the freedom to share it with the individually selected people.
           SPARKS: this is really one of the great part of this Google+ project. Google compare it like the important cutting of the papers of the important news like your grandpa do this and then send it to you. And now Google+ is doing the same for you.
You just find best articles there and when you are free and you are cheese for the gaining knowledge this is the best place for those. Because Google is the best search engine of the world and here you will find the best. So just try it out I get here what I want to get.

On this link you can find the real story for the sparks and for real experience just watch the Google+. J

3.       LIVE CHAT: Google+ introduced live video chat features in which more than one people can get together in a video chat. This is really wonderful feature. You have to feel it. So just go to Google+ and see what’s it.

After all, Time will decide who will be the winner but, it is guaranteed that other tigers of social networking like facebook, Twitter Orkut etc. have to face some compition with the Google+ definitely.
Now you tell ,you want to enjoy the Google+ or not and comment on Google+ "A Lion Or Sheep" and answer me for my simple question
   Google+ A lion or a Sheep???