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Android on PCs

This post is the starting of the series of exclusive things related to the Android OS. Today I am writing about the total experience related of android applications on your windows PC or on MAC. In the market several attractive android application are available, but the only thing is that you must be having an android device to have the experience of these applications. Now there is a solution for this problem you can have these application on your PC by just downloading a application that will give you the entire experience of the Android OS. This application is BLUESTACKS. You can download it from the official website of the Bluestack company.
This is only a 100 Mb software after downloading its setup it will take few minutes to install. After that you can use your own android tab on your PC. 

In this application you can install any application from any store like Google Play, Amazon etc. Any kind of application you can run on your Virtual Tab in the same way as in your real one.
This Android player have facilities that you can do any of the thing on that you can on your android device. You can access web, play games like angry birds, write, read etc. 
This android player Bluestacks App Player is running on the concept of LayerCake technology, which exploits  hardware accelerators to improve the performance of Android Games in Windows. Android applications typically use hardware accelerators found in ARM's Mali, Nvidia's Tegra or Imagination Technologies' PowerVR graphics cores, but Layercake is able to take advantage of hardware accelerators from companies like AMD found in x86 chips. 
Lets have a small look at this video for a quick review of this software.

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Upcoming mobile phones in 2012


Samsung shows the reality of their hi-tech 
devices. Company shows the bendable
 AMOLED screens 4.5 inches and it is just
 3mm thick in January this year. This phone
 can bend in only one inch diameter. Its
 AMOLED display is also low-energy and
 almost unbreakable.
This phone can be able to bear even the
 hard hit of any iron rod. The structure of the
 phone is made of the material that is even 
100 times stronger than iron steel.
Hardware Resources-
Camera – 8 MP
RAM – 1 Gb
Processor- 1.2 GHz
This Mobile phone is really amazing Because You can use it as a wrist watch, you 
can fold it too


Nokia will be going to release to its another
exciting cell phone Lumia 900 in February 
2012. Lumia 900 Handset have a big screen 
that give it a better look than its predecessors.
 It is a windows based phone. This phone has 
the exciting features such as grouping contacts 
and communication threads and internet explorer 
9. It is coming with the 4.3 inches black screen 
AMOLED  display. Its proper information will be 
available soon.


Kyocera Echo dual screen smart phone is
 an Android based phone. Its unique and 
innovative design is in talk now a days. 
This phone will be in the market may be in 
the February 2012. This phone have a pair 
of 3.5 inches WVGA touch screen and closes
 like a clamshell with a super copper alloy 
pivot hinge. Users can be able to run different 
application on the both screens like one the 
one screen you will be able to run internet and 
simultaneously on the other screen you can 
run movie clips images etc. this phone gives 
the ability to run a single application on both the screen as a one screen of 4.7 inches.

This phone runs over Android 2.2 OS and have a 5 megapixel camera with a flash light, it 
supports the emails. This phone have the 1GB on board memory space but you can expand
 it up to 8 GB with the micro SD card.
This phone may be available in $199.9 with a two year service agreement.  


HTC sensation XE is coming with a great
features and it will be popular soon after its 

This phone have the following features. 
Remember that time you pressed the shutter
 button and had to wait while your camera 
phone finished taking the picture? With the 
instant capture camera, the moment you 
press the button is the same moment the 
photo is captured. Never let a great shot 
slip away. This will give you the multi-window 
browsing, a quick lookup tool to jump from 
youtube to facebook.It support latest flash 
for the finest video playing.
We've transformed the lockscreen into a window to the good stuff on your phone - you can 
check up on your portfolio, view your friend's status, and more.  

Tor Browser - Access Internet as an Anonymous

Tor browser is a browser by which you can be able to hide your identity on the internet and act as an anonymous. Tor will hide your identity and give you any anonymous IP address of any part of the world and in any ISP. TOR is the short form of 'The Onion Router'. Tor was developed by the U.S Navel research Laboratory's Onion Routing Program with support from DRPA. Tor browser works on the philosophy of the  Onion Routing. Tor client software routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers in order to conceal a user's location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. By using Tor it is difficult to trace the internet activity. Including the websites you are visiting and online posts communication and any other thing you are doing on the internet that will not be traced. It will make your identity anonymous to the server that you are accessing. It will change you IP address to the any other part of the world. For example, let suppose that your real IP address is and you are at Switzerland and if you are using the Tor browser it will show you in any other country like U.K. and your IP address may be and it will change you ISP too. Tor will secure your internet freedom and it has the ability to make all your activity confidential.  
How to get and use TOR Browser???
To use the tor browser, you have to just do follow some easy steps and after that you will be able to hide your identity from the internet world and can be anonymous...
1. Firstly Download the Tor Bundle from the following link.
It is an official site for the tor project organization.
2. After downloading the Tor Bundle the double click on the downloaded tor browser bundle, then it will ask you to give the location to extract the bundle, like in the image shown. Just give the location to it and click on extract button. you can extract it into your USB drive like Pendrive and use it any where on any computer.
 3. After extracting this just go to the above located location in your PC or USB drive and the Tor Browser folder then you will find some files and forlders in that folder like in the below image shown
then click on the onion like icon 'Start Tor Browser' and then you will get another window. when it will be connecting to you to the tor server.

And when you will be connecting it will show you the screen with a green onion now it is ready to use. Green onion is the symbol of that you are connected with the Tow Network securely.
Soon you will see a browser named 'Aurora' this is the Tor browser wher you can browse the internet with anonymous identity. 

Now enjoy the browsing of internet without showing your identity.  

Please leave a comment below, if you have any suggestion or you like this post. Or you can send me your message here also

Upgrade your current hardware to iOS 5

Here you find easy steps to Upgrade your Device to iOS 5.

First of all you have to check for the version of your iTune. You must have iTune software to upgrade your iOS. Connect your device to your PC and go to and check. If you will find its OK then you can start your update process. If your iOS is not updated then it will give you the available version to update your software. 
Then it will give you the automatic option to download and update your iOS

I recommend you to click on Download and Update option
Then your device will back up your all data on your device and it will start updating and it will give you the message your iPhone is Updated
and then it will give you two option that you want a new iPhone or you want your iPhone restore back. Then choose restore then it will restore your iPhone.
Then it will ask you to connect your device to iCloud. i Recommend you to connect to iCloud because you will be able to share your your data to your all device at any time.
then your device will be ready to use land to experince the iOS 5.
Good Luck and enjoy!!!

iOS 5 - Apple introducing with the great features.

Apple introduce its latest iPhone and iPad operating system iOS's latest version version iOS 5. Apple releases this operating system with 200 improved and additional features to make the experience best of Apple Gadgets. With iOS 5 apple try to provide a great ease to its users and again try to make its iPhone and iPad, the master of the technology market. iOS 5 released on OCT 12, 2011. 
To upgrade your iOS version to 5 you just connect it to your PC or MAC and just follow the instruction on your iTunes screen.
Click here to see "How to upgrade to iOS 5 on current hardware??? "   
iOS is the most complete release of the Apple they ever release. It have a greta chance that it will make revolution in the Apple market and in the world smart devices. iOS 5 is comming with the new 200 features that will make the browsing the iPad and the iPhone a great experince with  providing the great ease and the flexibility to the user. Now take a tour to this video provides by the Apple to take a short tour to the iOS 5 to feel its warmth your iPad experince. 

Watch this video to take a short tour to iOS 5

Now lets discuss about the latest features of the iOS 5 in detail like iCloud, iMessage, Notification and many more. 

Notification center, In the iOS 5 there is a great flexibility to your notification in your iPad and Iphone. When you get a new notification on your smart device that  notification will apear on the top of your screen without disturbing you what so ever you are doing on your device and by swipe the top notification part you will be able to view your all the notification whether it will be a e-mail, message, or any other notification ou can wind them all at one place in the  notification centernew notifications can be viewed and attended to directly from the Lock Screen, making for quick and easy access. 
Other features of the Notification center are -
  1. Displays missed notifications
  2. Touching a notification takes you to the app
  3. Clear notifications
  4. Widgets: Weather and Stocks
  5. Weather: Week view
  6. New notification system
  7. Toggle Notification Center
  8. Choose how many recent items
  9. View in lock screen
  10. Banner style notification
  11. Choose which notification for specific apps
  12. Toggle app icons on or off
  13. Custom vibrations
  14. LED flash alerts
  15. Sort notifications manually or by date
  16. Enable or disable badge alerts
  17. Slide specific notifications to go directly to its respective app
  18. Displays Calendar tasks
iMessage, In iOS 5 Apple replace its Message app with iMessage, which is the apple's new free text messaging service. Its is similar to the blackberry message service but it has more functionality and it is providing more amount of user ease. With this service you will be able to send text messages easily to other devices, photos location contacts and many more. 
with this you can keep every one in your touch with the group messaging. 
List of Features - 
  1. Free instant messages
  2. Facebook button
  3. Turn on or off in settings
  4. Read receipts
  5. Configure to use SMS when not connected to Internet
  6. Group messaging
  7. Ability to send photos and videos
  8. Blue message bubble indicates it’s an iMessage
  9. See if other person is typing a message
Remainder,  With the remainder now you can manage Dos in the better way then earlier. This will help you to be on time and to complete your work with deadline. In this the main features are the location based remainder and this will also work with the iCal, Outlook and iPad, so if you change on one device will be automatically done on other devices.
  1. Location-based reminders
  2. Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange integration
  3. Support for iCal and Outlook
Photos, With iOS 5 you can enhance your photo editing and formatting. You can crop, rotate, enhance and remove red eye just olny with the few taps.With this you will be able o manage your photos on your device in albums.

iCloud, is a cloud secvice and cloud computing of Apple. Apple provide this service free with the iOS 5. It makes it quick and effortless to access just about everything on the devices you use every day. iCloud automatically stores your content so it’s always available to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. It gives you access to your apps, latest photos and more from whichever device you happen to be using. And it keeps your email, contacts and calendars up to date across all your devices. No syncing required. No management required. In fact, no anything required. iCloud does it all for you.  It also replaces Apple's MobileMe service, acting as a data syncing center for email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, to-do lists, and other data. 
When you will sign in for the iCloud you will find the 5GB space to store for your contacts, mail, photos and many more for free. But if you want more space for your data like 50GB, 100GB etc. then you have to pay $20 per 10GB. Features of iCloud -

  1. Create a free @me email account
  2. Everything in-sync
  3. Photo Stream
  4. Find My iPhone
  5. Online backup
  6. iTunes in the cloud
  7. iTunes Match
  8. iCloud section of the Settings app
  9. Purchase History
  10. Buy more storage
  11. Documents/Data Sync

              Device independence, Now you no need a computer to own a iPad, iPhone, iPodtouch. Activate your software and all the things directly with your iDevice directly. You can do any thing on your device and store and backup your all data on iCloud.
With the above features it also have some other main features like Safari internet browsing, Game center.

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Gadgets in 2012 - (1)

1. iPhone 5
 In our most awaiting gadgets apple iphone 5 is on top.Apple launching its 5th generation of smartphone  Although apple does not given any clear specifiction about its new iPhone 5, but this gadget is desperately awaited by the people. Apple will be going to provide great features through its iphone 5. it have some exciting features like, it is coming with the face recoginition security system. Now in your phone you will be able to make a security code that is your face. This phone have a slimmer body that provide it a cool look. Apple keeps its all features of previous versions but with improve quality. some features are
               Siri, In this user can be able to send message through its voice, can set reminder, do search and can do many more things with this feature of iPhone. But this feature still is under development by Apple.
               Camera, in its previous version Apple provide 5MP camera but this time you can enjoy it with increased quality of  8MP with a custom lens with a larger f/2.4 capture. this enable to do HD video recording with 1080p.
               iOS, Apple anounced iOS 5.0 and its features on june 6, 2011. Its main features is direct menipulation using the multitouch gesture.It is coming with the more then 200 features. As in the Blackberry iPhone including its iMessage application to communicate with the other iPhone and iPad users. Its main feature is iCloud.
              iCloud, This phone is expected to have the iCloud service. In this user will allow to store its photos, apps, calaender and more, without storing them into phone's memory. It is basically for the access the music from the remote devices like comuter, iPad etc.
              Dual-Core A5 chips, this is a very high speed processor in the coming phones. It will give 2x faster processing and 7x faster grapgics according to Apple.

This phone have other lots of great features like, yopu cal play games in your TV, take printout wireless. Some built in apps retina Display, Physical keyboard, Flash Support, Face Recoginition Security, Scrach proof screen, Increased RAM and many more.  .

2. iPAD 
 In 2011 Apple releases the iPad 2, but ahead of it now the time to talking about the Apple iPad 3. It is another burning topic in the gadget market now. Apple iPad3 will be the hot attention creator in 2012. In some rumors we get to know that it is scheduled to come in February 2012.
Apple iPad 3 coming will feature a new, thinner and sleeker design, down nearly 20% to iPad2. It will also support full touchscreen HD screen with the 2048 x 1058 screen resolution.
Similar to the iPhone 5, iPad 3 is also coming with the large amount of features and increased capacity of the previous versions features. Lets take a short look on its features-
              A6 Processor, In Apple iPad2 there is a very strong 900Mhz dual-core ARM processor, but now it will coming with a gaint processing power with the A6 Quad core processors in iPad3.
             iOS 5,  Similar to Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPad3 will also releasing with the Apple's latest iOS 5 operating system.
             Camera, In the the previous version of iPad this was not very impressive with the camera, but now it will coming with 5MP camera with the LED flash light.
             Finger Print Proof, for Apple iPad 3 Finger Print proof Apple work really hard. The touch screen is coated with the oleo0phobic materials, wich will reduce the fingerprint on the screen and oil.
             4G compatibility, iPad 2 is already 3G compatible and this iPad 3 is coming with the 4G support. It is another effort of Apple to be the best in the race of smart gadgets.

On the releasing date there is not any conformation, but it may be expected that it may be release in US in early July of 2012.                  

3. Android based Tablet AKASH

(Worlds Cheapest Tablet)
Akash is an android based tablet computer jointly developed by the Indian institute of technology, Rajasthan and London based company DataWind and manufactured by the India-based Quad, at Hyderabad. This Tablet was officialy launched in New Delhi on Oct 5, 2011. But its upgraded version will be coming in late 2012. the screen size of this tablet is 7 inches with 256 RAM with ARM processor. It uses the Android 2.2 Operating system. Its video quality is very good, it provide the HD quality. There are two USB ports provided in it.
This tablet has been developed for targeting the school and college students of India. The $50 is fixed for this tablet in India and Indian government subisidized its price to $35. Idian government introducing this tablet as their project OLPC(One Laptop Per Child). It have main features are-
  Memory,  it provide 2 USB slots with it, you can use microSD card to save your things and it is expandable upto 32GB.
                Processor, this tablet have ARM 11-366Mhz processor.
                Network, it facilitate you to connect with WiFi and GPRS too.
                Battery, it have 2100 mAh battery.
4. E-Ball Rolling Projector PC
Till you have seen the computer all are rectangle but this PC will change this views. Truely saying  I have never seen such type of thing, this is really amazing. This is round in size and compact. It is small than any other laptop and desktop, It is a 6 inch spherical in shape and designed by  Apostol Tnokovski. This PC have all the things as all other PC have like keyboard, mouse, monitor and all the things that Pc can have. It is started by pressing the button provided at its sides. Optical mouse is with this computer and it can detached to use from it. This E-Ball PC have not any physical keyboard it is interpreted as a projector is used. You ca use this PC to play music video and to make presentation. Its special features are-

Display Keyboard,  It does not have physical keyboard and its keyboard is like a projection of green light and a virtual keyboard is used in it.

Display, this PC does not have any fixed display with it. It uses a paper holder to display the graphics. It have a paper holder at its back side tha t hold a papaer and the projector will create a image on it and it behave like a monitor of this PC. 

This PC will be available to you in the mid of the 2012 so be prepare to experience this amazing feature of the technology.

5. Solid Grey Bag to Protect your sensitive things(Hard as rock)
If you are person that carry his/her gadget with yourself in your bag and worried about their safety. Now its time to get rid of it. You have no need to worry about it because a great and hard bag is coming for you that will protect you all gadgets and all your sensitive things that worry you during about their safety during travel.
This bag is called Solid Grey. This will be in the market soon in a bulk in 2012 and i might be interesting to you if you can't go out without certain gadgets. It will keep you cell phone, tablet, Laptops safe. 

New in Java7

Oracle Realese Java7 with some new exciting features... like

Download Java7
JAVA 7 jdk kit.

> Modifying Classes at Runtime Through Interface Injection
> A New Dynamic Linkage Mechanism: Method Handles
> Bytecode Instructions for Method Invocation

Facebook is on the Gun point of Hackers

In a recent news Hackers hacked the Mark zuckerbergs Facebook account and public his 13 private photos. In those photos in some he is with american president Barak Obama, distributing candies among children, cooking food on his house and some are of his pics with his girlfriend at his house.
Facebook accepted that there was some loop hole in the security of pics after the private settings photos can be shown to others and they are trying to patch it and aproximate 800 million users were affected with this problem.

See On Youtube

- "This bug is due to the code that is recently pushed on the facebook and it will be patched in a very short time." said Facebook spokesman

- In one of his pic he may be on the point of PETA on doing the chicken up and down and laughing.

Google+ a lion or a sheep???

Google+ is a another special project of google. Google is introducing its social networking project this year, with the success of this google will be the world’s biggest brand and may no one will be going to beat it in near future. But time will decide that this Google project will be proved a lion or a sheep. Here I am giving you some X-factors of Google and the decision will be yours.  If the Google+ will make a difference to the social networking then it will be a milestone because in present time there are very big names on the WEB like facebook, orkut, twitter etc. and if Google+ beat them it will take the Google on the height of the remarkable point. Now lets talk about the Google+ and lets leave on you.

Google introduce its project’s first part and it’s a hot cake in the WEB world. It has some features till now that are not ordinary. Its going to give a new definition to the social networking. Now lat see what’s it.


Everyone is thinking that will google be a lion in the social networking field. Ok we will talk it directly will Google+ beat the biggest name that is Facebook. Yet Google+ is in it’s trial phase but it’s making a ? in your mind what will happen.
Lets see-
                      CIRCLES: it’s a one of the most exciting feature of Google+. In this one can share his/her views with the people they want and its not a big deal with the Google+’s circle feature. With this its not a headache that who will get the conversation or who will not.

In this people can add people in a circle and then they will enjoy the things with only with the people they want and the most amazing things that each individual can manage their own circle like a address book in which you write the names and contacts of friends on one page and collect the neighbors on the other page. In these circles you can share your things like photos vedios views only with the people of your selected circles, but you also have the freedom to share it with the individually selected people.
           SPARKS: this is really one of the great part of this Google+ project. Google compare it like the important cutting of the papers of the important news like your grandpa do this and then send it to you. And now Google+ is doing the same for you.
You just find best articles there and when you are free and you are cheese for the gaining knowledge this is the best place for those. Because Google is the best search engine of the world and here you will find the best. So just try it out I get here what I want to get.

On this link you can find the real story for the sparks and for real experience just watch the Google+. J

3.       LIVE CHAT: Google+ introduced live video chat features in which more than one people can get together in a video chat. This is really wonderful feature. You have to feel it. So just go to Google+ and see what’s it.

After all, Time will decide who will be the winner but, it is guaranteed that other tigers of social networking like facebook, Twitter Orkut etc. have to face some compition with the Google+ definitely.
Now you tell ,you want to enjoy the Google+ or not and comment on Google+ "A Lion Or Sheep" and answer me for my simple question
   Google+ A lion or a Sheep???